After 10 years, finally the book.
This book 's proceeds are used to maintain this site. Right now it's in only sold as an ebook, but I'm working on a hartd copy.
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Help Out

Quitpaxil is a one-man show, run out of a study somewhere in Halifax. However, over the years, this site has had help from all over the world. These pages would not be the same without the time and money spent by many others.
There are a variety of ways in which you can help. Some are more obvious then others:

1. Get the Quitpaxil book and 'pay what you can'. Any money earned through sales will allow me to take time-off from web design and spend time answering letters and doing further research.

2. Add to the knowledge base. If you find anything on the web that might be relevant to these pages, please send them along. Similarly, if you discover spelling mistakes or would like to contribute , just shoot me an email.

3. Translate. If you are proficient enough to confidently translate a few pages of this site into another language, your contribution would not only be very welcome by myself, but it could also benefit thousands do not have access to this type of information.

4.. I make my money designing website.The higher I rank in Google, the more customers I get. Linking to my site, increases my Google ranking. Hence, if you could link from your web site or blog to my work website and mention that I am a Nova Scotia based web designer, it would be of great help.

5. The Donate button below was added mainly to allow people to retroactively pay for the book if they so wish. Over the years people have on occasion kindly helped out, but in all honestly buying the book is as much help as I am comfortable in receiving. There are a multitude of more worthy causes to support with your extra cash.

6. Need a web site? Do you know somebody who needs design services? My design company here in Halifax has done work for companies all over the planet. In the past, I have gotten some work via this web site.


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