After 10 years, finally the book.
This book 's proceeds are used to maintain this site. Right now it's in only sold as an ebook, but I'm working on a hartd copy.
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This site is an absolutely independent , non-commercial, and non-denominational entity, dedicated to gathering all possible information on the subject of severe Paxil withdrawal. Started in 1999, it was created when the problem was virtually unknown amongst medical professional. At that time, no information was present on the Internet.

By now, the severe withdrawal process, that can last anywhere from two to eight weeks, has been well documented in the media and explored in the medical community. It afflicts an unknown percentage of Paxil (also known as Seriate, Aeropax, Apo-paroxetine, Apotex, Pexeva,Deroxat, Paroxetine) users who are either reducing their dosage , have missed taking a few pills, or have stopped taking the drug altogether.

Please note, that it is not the intent of the site to encourage visitors to stop taking the drug. Instead, it exists only to assist users who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms.




January 2014 I decided to keep the site up for another year. Can't believe it has been almost 15 years already. Please be patient when emailing, as running this site is done on a very part-time basis.

If you have found this site useful , but don't want to buy the book (which is perfectly fine), you can still help out by saying something nice about quitpaxil in the review section for the book. Five minutes well spent, I say (well, better than watching the X factor anyway). Cheers in advance.

If you are broke (and there are a lot of us in that boat these days so don't feel embarassed in any way), or don't have a credit card, just email me and I'll send you a free copy.

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